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morning worship service
sundays @ 11:00 am

During our service, you’ll experience music and a great message from the Bible that is relevant and applicable to your everyday life. Sunday morning service runs approximately 75 minutes.

children's worship

Check out our awesome children’s area!  Exciting and engaging programming for children in the Nursery, Preschool, and Elementary all run at the same time as the morning worship service! 

Children Praying
Praying Together

"We Sundays"

In every month that has 5 Sundays, on that 5th Sunday, wapaknaz celebrates Jesus Christ together as a one whole family. "We Sundays" also take place on some special occasions like VBA Slime Sunday, Baptism Celebration Gathering at the Wapak YMCA & the Sunday before Christmas. 


“We Sundays” are filled with energetic worship, simple teaching, tips & tools for parents and of course lots of fun & laughter. 

We look forward to being with you & your family on the next "We Sunday"!  

We is Better than Me! 

2024 "We Sundays": 

March 31: Easter Sunday

June 30th: VBA/Slime Sunday

August 11th: 10am @ Wapak YMCA

September 29th

December 2th

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